Dreaming of conquering your data scientist interview?

 Whether you're a novice looking for a friendly expert to guide you on your first data science interview process, or a seasoned veteran who is looking to switch companies but hasn't had an interview since...the Clinton administration...whatever your experience, I can help! Look through my offerings below to find the best fit for you!

Before the Interview

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Phone Interview Tips


Are you a Nervous Nelly on the phone with a complete stranger? Me too! This is a quick cheatsheet to have in front of you as you talk with the interviewer, so you're never at a loss for words. 

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Questions to Ask


Every interview ends with the interviewer asking, "Do you have any questions for us?" Cue the awkward silence and the "Umm...not really."

But umm...you really want this job! Check this out so that the cat doesn't get your tongue and YOU leave a good impression!


Python Coding - Prep Tools


No snakes here! This resource provides you with concrete coding tools and links to practice problems. 

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After the Interview

Stay front and center on their candidate list.

Thank You - Email Template


At a loss for words? Use this handy email template to convey your gratitude, provide reminders of why you're SO awesome, and relay a positive, friendly person that is worthy of hiring.   

Merci, Gracias, Danke

Feedback - Email Template

Hearing crickets...? Waiting on a response? Use this email template to construct an email that is 1) direct, but not over bearing and 2) provides an opportunity to receive constructive feedback to enable you to be the best candidate you can be.

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