Breakthrough Data Science

Connecting Businesses to Remote Data Science Teams

For Aspiring Data Scientists

  • Managed real-world data science projects

  • Professional experience in data science consulting

  • Networking and professional development

  • Three months to launch your career

For Businesses

  • Experienced data scientists leading the project

  • Lower costs than other data consulting companies

  • The insights of an entire team of data professionals

  • Project scoping to project results

Outdoors Meeting
Working from Home

About Us

Committed to Excellence

At Breakthrough Data Science we are an education company providing managed data science projects for aspiring and new data scientists to gain experience with real data science projects. By partnering with businesses seeking data science project consulting we can provide the missing link to starting your career in data science... real-world experience.

If you have solid foundational knowledge in machine learning, statistics, and developing models in Python but need more project experience this is for you.